Chloe Garner

Chloe Garner
Dr. Chloe grew up in Northern Ontario in a rural community with a small town vibe. Both parents were local physicians and Dr. Chloe spent many an afternoon waiting for babies to be born so she grasped the unpredictability of medicine at an early age. Her love of animals was cultured by the family 'zoo' which consisted of the typical and not so typical such as lovebirds, turtles and horses. Her love of horses takes front seat in any spare time Dr. Chloe has, as well as a spirited game of soccer and travelling to exotic locations around the globe.

Dr. Chloe shares her space with the love of her life, a yellow lab named Olive, a former alley cat named Eli (who keeps the dog in check) and a very friendly former shelter cat named Alfie. She also lives with her very patient partner, Patrick, who is used to being named at the end of the list. Dr. Chloe first came to the Strathroy Animal Clinic in her third year of veterinary school when she did her externship. Four years later, a maternity leave brought her back to the Strathroy Animal Clinic and the position fit her perfectly. When the maternity leave ended, Dr. Chloe stayed and has now become partner with Dr. Alison and Dr. Doug.

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