Lisa Cornelissen

Lisa Cornelissen
Registered Veterinary Technician
Lisa grew up in Mt. Brydges where she played baseball as a kid and rode horses. It was at a young age that Lisa knew she wanted to work with animals. Lisa always had a dog or dogs and a cat, so she pursued animal health as her career. After she graduated in 1997, Lisa worked in Windsor for a few years, then decided home in Mt. Brydges is where she wanted to be. Lisa got a job at the Strathroy Animal Clinic in Oct 2000 and has been happily working there ever since.

Lisa lives in Parkhill with her husband and 2 beautiful daughters. Her oldest daughter loves her dance classes at the Strathroy Dance Club Parkhill edition, while her youngest is very shy and would rather watch from the sidelines. Lisa has a dog, a cat and a bunny. Lisa loves gardening, baseball, four wheeling and taking her kids to the park. Her favourite food is spaghetti, her favourite colour is blue, her favourite sound is her kids laughing and a cat purring.

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