Tracy Wynder

Tracy Wynder
Dr. Tracy is a recent transplant to the Strathroy area from the United States via Hamilton where she lived for six years. She is now a dual citizen and so happy to be close to her husband Christopher’s hometown area. She has two children, Cael and Hailyn, and a menagerie of pets with the newest being a Basset Hound mix named Winnie recently adopted as a rescue. She joins cats Geisha and Milo as well as the numerous fish and frogs in the house.

Dr. Tracy has recently joined the Strathroy Animal Clinic and loves being in a wonderful community clinic. She also works part-time at the London Regional Veterinary Emergency and Referral Hospital and has a keen interest in emergency, dermatology, and surgery. Dr. Tracy enjoys staying active in her kids' school and watching all sports possible, especially the New York Giants. She played rugby for many years and now dabbles in recreation volleyball. Dr. Tracy lived in Africa for several years and would like to get back on a volunteer project in the coming years. She spent three years in a forest working with lemurs, bats, birds, and several unique creatures in Madagascar.

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